Cole Prior Stevens was born in Southern California and lived there for fifty years. He began listening to the blues at the age of ten and his full time working mother raised Cole, two sisters and baby brother in the Los Angeles area in the early sixties. Listening to top 40 radio stations in LA, he began  his musical ...more 
Hailing from Yorktown VA, Peter Zink has been playing drums professionally since the age of ten. He got his early start performing in Drum & Fife marching and exhibition bands all the way into adulthood. Pete as toured all over the US and as professional and historic military drum corps re-enactor, Pete has played as a drummer and actor in five major motion pictures. Gettysburg, Last of the Mohicans, The Patriot, The Day Lincoln Was Shot and Tecumseh.

Peter also performed in several Busch Gardens show bands for many years, as well as being a parrot trainer for many of the show birds. He was a elementary school teacher for twenty years and has been the specialty go-to-drummer of Hampton Roads for many decades. Besides playing as a Delta Dagger, Peter continues his study with Japanese Taiko drumming and is an avid student of feline psychology... Peter Zink, a very cool cat indeed!  

Michael was born and raised in upstate New York and is the product of a very progressive school-music system that encouraged exploration of a student's total desire to make music. He has played trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba, 'cello, double bass, drums, and percussion, and spent two years marching with a drum and bugle corps, shouldering the bugler's version of a marching tuba. 

As a bassist, he likes to blur the lines between jazz, rock, blues, country, and even classical music. He does not consider himself a “genre” bassist, feeling that bass can be applied to almost any situation. He has played bass in pit orchestras (for musicals,) jazz ensembles, Celtic bands, and concert bands, always seeking to broaden his education of how bass works and where he can fit it.

When Michael is not playing bass he is a traveling notary public, audiobook narrator, and sometime shade-tree auto mechanic. Michael currently resides in Portsmouth, VA.